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Sunday, October 20, 2013
After Formula One - Audi R8 LMS Cup . @ 9:32 AM

Audi R8 LMS Cup Trailer.

After quitting Formula One, Alex joined many racing activities such as Porsche Carrera Cup Asia, V8 Super Cars and A1 Grand Prix. Now he is active in Audi R8 LMS Cup

He joined the team driving an Audi GQ. In a race at Shanghai, he started at second on grid and beat Marchy Lee and finished the race as 1st. During the second race, however Adderly Fong beat him, leaving him to the 2nd place of the race. 

However during the 3rd and 4th races, he only managed to get the 3rd place. Meanwhile during the 4th race, he overtake Marchy Lee and resulted in him damaging his car.  

Now, Alex Yoong is active with various type of racing and sports activities. He is also seen conducting talk about Formula One for Malaysia's television and also in ESPN Star Sport

Reference : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8O1hDK9csgk