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Sunday, October 20, 2013
After Formula One - Audi R8 LMS Cup . @ 9:32 AM

Audi R8 LMS Cup Trailer.

After quitting Formula One, Alex joined many racing activities such as Porsche Carrera Cup Asia, V8 Super Cars and A1 Grand Prix. Now he is active in Audi R8 LMS Cup

He joined the team driving an Audi GQ. In a race at Shanghai, he started at second on grid and beat Marchy Lee and finished the race as 1st. During the second race, however Adderly Fong beat him, leaving him to the 2nd place of the race. 

However during the 3rd and 4th races, he only managed to get the 3rd place. Meanwhile during the 4th race, he overtake Marchy Lee and resulted in him damaging his car.  

Now, Alex Yoong is active with various type of racing and sports activities. He is also seen conducting talk about Formula One for Malaysia's television and also in ESPN Star Sport

Reference : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8O1hDK9csgk

Obstacles and hardships . @ 9:21 AM

Alex's accidents during Monaco race.

Just like other racer, Alex too, faces many accidents during racing. First, he had a collision with Eddie Irvine. During a race competition in Brazil, his car spins in the track but he managed to get 13th place despite of what happened. He stated that the race is the toughest race he ever had .

During the race in Spain, he and his fellow teammates , Mark Webber did not participate in the race because of several rear and front wings failure. Alex then participate in  Historic Grand Prix of Monaco and was driving a Lotus 72. However, during the race, he notices that the gear was stuck at the 5th gear and he was force to drive in that gear until the end of the race .

After several accidents during race, rumours had it that Alex had been replaced his other teammates. Unfortunately, the rumours was true because the team had replaced him with Anthony Davidson while he underwent another program for testing his capability once again.

Reference : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDKyz2ehXIw

Sunday, October 13, 2013
The Journey Of Formula One . @ 9:33 PM

Formula One's Racing Car

After completing many test in order to make him ready for Formula One, the team finally accepts him and that is how he started his debut in Formula One. He competes for his first finish in the race however he only managed to be at the 16th place among the racers. 

When in the Melbourne, the weekend did little to help his cause. He was beset by more gearbox problems in free practice, and also spun twice after being caught out by a wet track twice. In qualifying he was 21st by virtue of Sato not being able to set a lap time in the dry, but 5.6s off pole and over 1.4s slower than Webber. But in the famous first corner melee that wiped out half the field and eventually allowed Webber to score a memorable 5th on debut, he had also been a beneficiary. 

It was said that Alex is still not good enough in the racing track because of his records and also several accidents he faced during the racing. Some people describe him as the bad racer driver in the Formula One but he still try as hard as he can to prove to the fans that he is still capable in becoming one of the top racer in Formula One. 

Monday, October 7, 2013
Of Formula Asia, Jackie Chan and Paul Stewart . @ 10:41 AM

Jackie Chan's movie which Alex Yoong helped .

      After the Guia race, he then moved into the Formula Asia International Championship, a single-seater series that raced in several countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand and China. During his first season in 1994, he took several podium finishes before his first win in the season-ending round at Zhuhai in China.     
      He is now starting to make a name for himself in the racing world. He also helped in the filming of Jackie Chan's racing movie, Thunderbolt at Shah Alam, which made the star to start calling him a "very good racing driver". In addition, he had attracted attention in Europe. Towards the end of 1995, Paul Stewart invited him to test a Formula Vauxhall car, before that, he also got the opportunity to test a Formula Renault Sport machine at Donington and Snetterton for the Startline Racing team. This has encouraged him to make a decision to go to Europe in order to pursue his dream as a part of Formula One. 

      Reference: http://www.f1rejects.com/drivers/yoong/biography.html#before

Sunday, September 29, 2013
Youngest Driver in Malaysian Motorsport. @ 9:48 AM

Alex Yoong in 1998 .

His early racing career started in saloon cars in 1992 when he was 16. Alex became the youngest driver in Malaysian motor sport history and moved into a one-make Proton series. He secured his first pole and win in his fourth role and ended up winning two out of five races.In 1992, he took up saloon racing and took a Toyota Corolla to the Macau Grand Prix and managed to get third place in the 1600cc class in the Guia race. However, when he was 11 , he wanted to begin racing but the government refuses to give him a competition license as he is underage at that time.

Instead, he made a habit of attending race meetings and volunteering his services as an electronic scoreboard operator. Moreover, he honed his skills on his father's track, taking his father's Honda Civic for hot laps of Shah Alam in all sorts of weather conditions, self-learning how to four-wheel drift whilst propping himself up with cushions on the driver's seat. 

 Reference: http://www.f1rejects.com/drivers/yoong/index.html 

The Early Life of Alex Yoong. @ 9:33 AM

Alex in racing suit .

The real name is Alexander Charles Yoong Loong. Alex Yoong is a Malaysian – Chinese who was born on 20th July of 1976 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His mother, Joanna Bean, was a British expatriate, and his father Hanifah Yoong was a Malaysian of Chinese descent who had raced sedans in the 1970s. He is interested with speed and racing at the age of 4 and is a fan of Formula One at that time. After getting Kawasaki 50cc motocross on his 8th birthday, he started developing the ability to race successfully.

Before he joined motor sports, he was involved with water skiing. Along with younger sister Phillippa Yoong, they manage to broke the national competition records and were soon climbing the ranks not only in Malaysia but throughout Asia as a whole.

By the time he gave it up, he was among the top five water skiers in Asia, and even as late as 1997, when he was well ensconced in forging his motor racing career in Europe, he won a silver medal at the South East Asian Games.

After he retired from the water skiing sports, his sisters, Philippa and Aaliyah Yoong still continue in the water skiing arena.

Monday, September 23, 2013
Alex Yoong - Malaysia’s One and Only Formula 1 Car Racer. @ 7:43 AM

Assalamualaikum .

First of all, I will introduce myself first. My name is Wan Nurabyan Syahira Binti Wan Mohd Azam from Dec 5C. I was born on 27th January 1993 at Hospital Besar,Jerteh. 

The reason I choose Alex Yoong as Malaysian’s outstanding personnel is because when I was little, I used to see his face all over the television and other mass media. This attract me to know more about him and because he is the only Malaysian that had joined Formula One before. In addition, he is always involved in many kind of television commercial and that is how he became famous and popular. 

To me, he is very talented and brave to be able to join Formula One as for me, joining Formula One is not easy especially when he come from Malaysia, the country where there was practically no motor racing legacy at all. So he has a very high spirits in pursuing his career and dreams.